April 1st: ~91

Sea Lion of the Month


Happy April Fool’s day! The Sea Lion of the Month for April is no joke. This male sea lion was marked at Gillon Point (Agattu Island) on June 24, 2013. That means he will be 5 years old this summer! When he was marked he weighed about 51 pounds (23.2 kg) and was just over 3 feet (98 cm) long and 2 feet (64 cm) around his torso, just below his flippers.

According to our sighting records, the only time we see ~91 is from remote camera images captured at Alaid Island in the summer of 2014!


We have never seen him during our summer research cruises. This is a case that definitely shows how vital these remote cameras and your efforts to classify images is to finding these marked animals! If we didn’t find animals like this that we miss during our summer cruise, we would not be able to accurately estimate important population rates that will help us figure out why this part of the population continues to decline.

Luck for us, you diligent and skilled Steller Watch citizen scientists have your eyes peeled and discovered ~91 on Gillong Point in the images posted to our current workflow. Keep up the great work!


Curious about other pinnipeds (seals and sea lions)? Check out our neighbors in the Pacific Islands to the south, the monk seals of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. The Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center features their own Monk Seal of the Month!

We will share the story of one marked sea lion each month. Be sure to check our Sea Lion of the Month page on the 1st of every month to learn about our featured Steller sear lion. You may nominate a sea lion by submitting their full mark on the Sea Lion of the Month nomination forum. Thank you all for your nominations!