March 1st: ~26

Sea Lion of the Month

Our very first Sea Lion of the Month is ~26! She’s the ‘cover girl’ featured on the About  project page. This sea lion was one of the first to be marked in 2011, when this project began. She weighed 67 pounds and was a little over 3.5 feet long—a very healthy pup!

We have seen her quite often in our remote camera images and in person during our research cruises in 2012, 2013, and in 2015—when we took the picture above.

marchShe seems to be staying local, near her birth place at Gillon Point (star, map left) on Agattu Island. We have also seen her  at Cape Sabak (on the same Agattu Island) and nearby on Alaid Island (circled stars).

We didn’t see her during our summer 2016 research cruise but don’t worry, it seems she can be elusive since we didn’t see her in 2014 either. She would be just over 5 years old which means the next time we see her, she could have a pup. Keep an eye out for her in the images!

If there is a sea lion you keep seeing and would like to know more, head to the Sea Lion of the Month Nomination forum to submit the full marking and we will try to feature that sea lion and share what we know of their story on the first of the month.