April 1st: ~19

Sea Lion of the Month


Happy April Fool’s Day! Our Sea Lion of the Month for April is no joke, though. This female, ~19, is a bit of a home-body and has stayed in the western Aleutian Islands region. We have seen her a lot on remote cameras and in person when she was quite young and then not again until just last year. 

When she was marked on June 23, 2011, she weighed just over 60 pounds (28 kg) and was almost 3.5 feet (104 cm) long. A bit on the smaller side compared to some of our previous Sea Lion’s of the Month.


This female was born on Gillon Point, hence the ~ sign. She was apart of the first group that we marked at this site. This means that she will be 8 years old this summer. I bet that means we’ll see her with a pup or juvenile. 

She seems to have spent most of her time at Cape Wrangell on Attu Island however, last summer in 2018 we saw her at Gillon Point. Maybe she’s found her way back home? We have yet to see her with a pup but our remote camera images haven’t been analyzed after 2014 so it’s possible she has been captured on those. Have any of you seen her with a pup?

We will share the story of one marked sea lion each month. Be sure to check our Sea Lion of the Month page on the 1st of every month to learn about our featured Steller sear lion. You may nominate a sea lion by submitting their full mark on the Sea Lion of the Month nomination forum. Thank you all for your nominations! 

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